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Subject: Assisting Fire Safety


My name is Chloe Ryniewicz and I work in the outreach department at Mesothelioma Guide, an advocacy organization dedicated to helping patients diagnosed with asbestos illnesses. We specialize in assisting patients in understanding which treatment options are best suited for their illness, as well as how to find the right doctors that provide those treatment options. 


Because Mesothelioma is a very rare cancer, there are few doctors who treat it, making it all that more difficult for patients to get the treatment they need to extend their prognosis. Firefighters face the risk of exposure to several respiratory toxins that may be released in fires. Asbestos is one of the most harmful toxins in this group. It can be found in older homes in insulation, roofing material and other building applications. I'm hoping you can assist me by helping to get the word out to mesothelioma patients – as well as anyone exposed to asbestos - that we are here to help.  


As an advocacy organization, we don’t charge patients for our assistance, so all of our printed materials, patient advocacy resources & assistance are 100% free of charge to patients and their family members. But, that also means we don’t have the funding that would be necessary for us to advertise our services on TV or in magazines.  Therefore, I'm reaching out to webmasters who operate websites that are likely to have visitors who may have been exposed to asbestos, or may be suffering from an asbestos related illness like mesothelioma.  



Thanks for your time,


Chloe Ryniewicz

Outreach Associate

Mesothelioma Guide

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Trainers Needed 

Need experienced law enforcement officers for training basic academy level courses in the country of Abu Dhabi. One of the safest and richest countries in the world. $2000 a week. All expenses paid. You only need a passport and resume. Email me your resume. 

Donovan Jacobs

(619) 445-8650


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TV Network Discovery I.D. is casting retired police detectives (men or woman) that are interested in being TV host/experts for their new TV shows. Must have 15+ years as police officer, full of life experience, a great story teller and comfortable being on camera. Soooo...want your own TV show on Discovery I.D.? This is a paying position. Email us your contact info & a couple of recent pictures by 10/14/16 to to start the casting process. 

Harlan Freedman
SVP of Development
F.J.Productions, Inc.

14900 Ventura Blvd. Suite 350 – Los Angeles, CA 91403 818-788-0153 Ext.27 

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Bus Driver - Part-Time

Wesley Palms, an upscale retirement community, is looking for a part-time bus driver (20-30 hrs. a week).

Hours include every Sunday 7am-12pm and for activities/excursions.

Job requirements include a Class B License with passenger endorsement, ability to pass physical, drug test, TB test, extensive FBI & DOJ background screening -- with no criminal convictions or DUIs & must be eligible to work in the United States.

Interested applicants should apply in person -- 2404 Loring Street, San Diego, CA 92109. Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Taunya Bachellor
Director of Life Enrichment
Wesley Palms Retirement Community

Office Tel: 858-581-8423
Cell: 619-430-0247
Fax: 858-581-6504


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